Telecommunication Towers

5A Engineering owns and operates telecommunications towers and passive infrastructure in Pakistan.


What We Offer in telecom towers?

Telecom towers by 5A Engineering lies in building, acquiring and operating telecommunications towers that are capable of accommodating and powering the needs of multiple tenants. We also offer comprehensive tower-regarding operational services. Moreover, our services include site selection, site preparation, maintenance, security and power management.

5A Engineering offers a wide range of services relating to towers for cellular communications, radio and TV stations and microwave links. A pioneer company in the field of telecom towers. We have a huge portfolio and expertise in the field of complete tower jobs such as design, fabrication, galvanizing, painting, installations and commissioning.

Our team specializes in telecommunications installation with self-supporting towers that provide a universal free-standing solution. The towers we do erection meet the most stringent global building and safety standards and include standard microwave antennas, wireless internet.

We cater to standard erected designs or customized designs to meet their precise telecom implementation needs. Our clients are sure to find extraordinary durability due to a high grade galvanized coating that prevents corrosion. The demanding weather conditions in the remote areas of our country require rugged, durable and reliable installations. Our teams have worked for long periods during different intervals of the past decade against challenging terrains and inhospitable weather.