Cat Eye / Road Studs

What is the need?

To ensure the safety of travellers, 5A Engineering manufactures aluminium cat eye/road studs. On the contrary, we are also supplying branded and locally made plastic road studs.

Description of Cat Eyes / Road Studs

To meet the diverse needs of road construction and site construction, 5A Engineering joins hands in the production, trade, and import of various road safety products. Moreover, we offer local and 3M plastic cat eyes/road studs within this product range. Above all, 5A Engineering manufactures aluminum cat-eyes traffic road studs and much more. In addition, we manufacture road studs in Pakistan using top-notch quality raw materials sourced and considering all safety standards. In addition, these products are highly regarded for their powerful design, easy-to-read texts and symbols, concise design, longer life, and flawless appearance.

Solar LED Reflective Cat Eyes

Solar Cat Eyes are LED blinking devices with easy installation and no electricity cost. Auto Switch On and Off. Maintenance is not necessary. Before this, they were equipped with 6 LEDs (3 on each side). 5A Engineering imports solar-led cat eyes from China.

Size available: 100mm x 100mm x 20mm

At 5A Engineering, we offer a wide range of reflective road studs or cat-eye lights, which one can use as safety devices on the road. Moreover, we manufacture them from a phosphorescent material and embedded in the pavement rather than painted on. Above all, these road studs come with a flexible rubber pitch and a fixed rubber wiper, a rubber dome sheltered from impact damage.

Aluminum Road Studs by 5A Engineering
Plastic Road Studs by 5A Engineering

Plastic Road Stud (RPM-290)

Also popular as Raised Pavement Markers, they are devices that we anchor within the road surface for lane marking and delineation for night-time visibility to ensure safety purposes.