Fancy Light Poles

Fancy street light pole is the hottest product of 5A Engineering. Furthermore, our products include LED pole lights, decorative poles and decorative LED garden light poles. Also, we are offering tubular, octagonal, round conical & 100ft high flag street light poles.

Appearance of decorative Poles

5A Engineering has satisfied many clients by supplying and installing a lot of fancy light poles and decorative street lighting poles. Below attached image below is one of the most famous fancy pole examples.



Why choose 5A Engineering for Fancy Street Light Poles?

5A is offering fancy lighting poles to our clients. We specialise in offering a wide range of DECORATIVE and Garden Poles to clients. 5A Engineering manufactures these decorative and fancy poles by using supreme quality raw materials, which we obtain from A+ vendors of the market. Moreover, our products are available in different designs like square pipe fancy poles and round pipe fancy poles. On the contrary, we provide options to our clients for selecting the number of arms for these decorative poles.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding fancy, decorative or any other street light poles. 5A Engineering will be happy to assist you in the best possible way. Our sales team will coordinate with you till your product has been delivered and you are satisfied.

13 globes fancy light pole

5A Engineering has its own bending of globe pipes. We use quality paint on fancy street poles which increases the shine and lasts as well. Before applying golden paint we first use 1 coat of red oxide to prevent the pole from rusting.

If you have any queries about 5, 7 or 13 globes fancy street pole in Pakistan, look no further and reach us via email or call and we will provide you with the best solution at an economical rate.