Road Marking

Road marking in car parking areas and on highways comes in different shapes and sizes per requirement. Also, to complete these jobs fast and efficiently you need the right equipment and efficiency. By choosing a line striper that is versatile and easy to use, your road striping assignments will be finished on time and with the highest line quality. Pavement marking, road marking and parking lot striping have something in common.

Specifications of Road Marking

5A Engineering offers a CR marking service using highly skilled and qualified operatives, supported by a management team with reasonable experience and exposure in the field.

CR paints are normally refreshed after every six to eight months. CR paints are a preferred choice due to the following features:

  • Good chemical & water resistance
  • Plasticizer Chlorinated Rubber base
  • Low cost
  • Application via spray machine.

A thermoplastic marking system is another type of road marking technique that manufacturers are utilizing. As one of the new generations of road markings, companies are using thermoplastic to deliver road safety, durability and whole-life cost savings for the project.

Parking lot lines

Parking lot markings guide people safely around the parking lot. Stop bars, pedestrian crossings, speed limit warnings and perfectly marked pickup areas inform pedestrians people and drivers where and how to walk and drive.

Marking is a long-lasting marking typically applied on asphalt surfaces. Thermoplastic normally lasts longer than the paint or CR method and is a proven way to reduce maintenance costs.

5A Engineering is offering both TP and CR marking at an economical budget. Till now, we have satisfied numerous clients by providing excellent and on-time services.

Contact us and we will fulfil your requirements.