Cable Trays

Cable trays are an assembly of metallic G.I. cable tray sections and their accessories. In addition, they form a rigid structural system to
support cables.

As technology penetrates, so is the need for effective support systems. Moreover, at present time, industrial plants and manufacturing buildings are moving rapidly towards automation. Furthermore, it requires a complex system of wiring and cable laying. So, to fulfil this need, a cable tray system was introduced to ensure machinery and labour safety.

What does it support?

They are capable of supporting all types of wiring:

– High Voltage Power Lines
– Power Distribution Cables
– Sensitive Control Wiring
– Telecommunications

5A Engineering manufactures perforated cable trays as per the precise standards laid down by the manufacturing association. Therefore, ensuring standardisation of materials used, as well as load-bearing capacities.

Advantages of Cable Trays

Convenient Installation
– Increased cable fill over another wiring method. Thus, saving material costs and installation labour.
– Less space utilization than conduit or other systems.
– The metal can be used as an equipment ground conductor.

– Easily inspect cables
– Easily find the location of faults and quick repair, without replacement of the original cable run.
– In addition, cables can be drop out at any point without expensive boxes or fittings.
– Furthermore, cables can instantly be added to existing trays at a later stage.

5A Engineering is manufacturing two types of cable trays

1) Ladder Type
2) Perforated Type


Fittings are the sections that we join to other cable tray sections. Ultimately, the purpose is of altering the direction, height or width of the cable run campaign. Moreover, all fittings are available in sizes in resemblance to the straight cable tray sections.

Accessories of cable trays are as follows;